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About Us

Lila, our grandmother, was the kind of person who effortlessly created art. Her kitchen cum studio was the meeting place for like-minded artists where diverse art forms were synergistically discussed and ideas exchanged. She experimented with mixed media long before it became an accepted art form and gave to her art and sculpture a unique interpretation and style. It was she who gave us the passion and love we have for art. She is OUR inspiration behind this online art gallery.

Lila Art Gallery, named for her, is more than just a space for artists to connect with buyers. Our portal will focus on the work of emerging artists, more essentially from rural India, whose art has still not made it to the drawing rooms of art lovers and art collectors. Carefully chosen for their innovative work on different mediums our artists will exhibit and sell their work online, to a global market.

Our belief is that art has universal appeal and needs to be accessible and affordable to all. We hope that our efforts will create new art buyers. We believe in building relationships with our clients who will go on to enjoy unique art works and who will also accompany us on our journey of empowering our rural artists.

We will ensure our artists get the exposure and value for their work to help them in not just achieving a sustainable livelihood but a paradigm change in the quality of their lifestyles. Our artists need to concentrate on what they do best, whilst we work on what we do best.

For an artist to see his dream materialize we would like to have YOU as our clients.

So, whether you buy art on the website or commission our artists to paint you THAT very special work of art, we want you to come join us on this journey and experience the varied and vast wealth of art that is available from across India.

Sharmila & Srila (Nina)
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